• Girls with school scholarships Jigiya Bon, Bamako

We are pleased that you are interested in our projects in Mali!

The association Häuser der Hoffnung (houses of hope), in Bambara: Jigiya Bon, has been active in Mali since 2004. Donations finance the running of a girls’ hostel in Mali’s capital Bamako, where 60 girls live, orphans or half-orphans, and from there go to a public school or to a training centre.

Well over 400 girls from destitute families receive school scholarships, training or university scholarships.

A total of 8 schools in rural Mali have been newly built or renovated and some have been provided with solar energy.

Educational programmes for the illiterate and courses in home economics provide young families with development opportunities.

Young people receive micro-credits as a start-up capital for professional independence.

Young women are taught via a “cooking school” the preservation and marketing of food as a contribution to healthy nutrition and keeping stocks.

Seminars provide information to the girls on health issues and the children’s rights programme strengthens the rights of young people already at school.

The result: educated women create a livelihood for themselves. They marry later, choose their own partners, practice family planning, improve the living conditions of their families, send their children to school and let their daughters grow up healthy and protected.

Our credo: Helping the poorest is the best way to bring about lasting change.

Please help and support us with your donation. The money goes where it is needed most. We personally visit Mali several times a year to have an in-depth insight on the development of the girls and young women and to discuss with the young Malian women the different available support programmes.

Kind regards and many thanks,

Gudrun Eisermann, MD


Mali’s greatest wealth is its children, who make up half of the young population, an immense potential to help shape Mali’s future.

It is not easy to be a child in Mali. Every second girl in Mali is married off as a child. Married girls tend not to stay in school, are more likely to be victims of violence and have a higher risk of experiencing complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Child marriage often leads to separation from family and friends, which affects girls’ mental and physical well-being and limits their ability to participate fully in the development of their family, community and society.

Mali has one of the highest rates of circumcision in the world: over three quarters of girls are affected.

Many girls and boys in Mali are denied the opportunity to develop their talents because they do not have access to quality education, healthy nutrition and medical care.